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This is a guide only, I hope it helps to keep your vehicle in tip top shape!



The best way to look after your vehicle's paint work is to wash it the old fashion way with a bucket of good quality car wash and a clean sponge, always use a chamois. 


It is also important to polish your car with a good quality wax every 6 months approx. depending if it is garaged or not.

It is better that the water beads off the paint work. If not, this is a good indication that your car needs a good polish.


Never leave tree sap or other stains on your paint that you cannot wash off. Call us or drop in for advice on how to remove the stains without damaging your paint work.


If your car has got that chalky look on the paint work, you may need us to give it a cut and polish. Call in for a free quote.


It is always better to have your car rust-proofed however, here are a few small tips that could save you some money.


Always keep your car clean (refer to paint protection). Here are a few places to keep clean: 

-Drain holes in the bottom of your doors. 

-Under bonnet vent near windscreen wipers. -Under boot lid around rubbers.

-4wd keep chassis clean inside and out. 


Most rust is caused by blocked drain holes or a build up of dirt not being cleaned properly. If it is kept clean and you spot a bit of rust, it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible to stop it from costing you a lot of money. Call in and we will take a look.

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